Gitaarles IJburg beginners/advanced electric/acoustic free trial lesson

We will first learn you how to play the songs from your favorite artists, from pop music to heavy rock... and from there on we will guide you to help you write your own songs...

About Guitar Lessons IJburg / Amsterdam

New method lessons

gitaarles ijburg amsterdam

Contrary to a more traditional teaching approach, which is primarily focused on first teaching the basic scales and music theory, we immediately start to familiarize you with playing open guitar chords…

The lessons fit younger people as well as adults, and if desired we can adapt our method to your specific wishes.

gitaarles ijburg amsterdam
gitaarles ijburg amsterdam

"Guitar lessons IJburg" is initiated by Frank Weyzig. Frank has gained a wealth of experience in the alternative music scene over the past 25 years as a guitarist, keyboard player, composer and producer and he is still active and involved in various music projects.

In addition to his musical activities, Frank also teaches at an MBO school as an ICT teacher. It seems to be a logical step to combine his teaching profession together with his musical background and thereby offering new talent the opportunity to learn how to discover the secrets of playing the guitar...

Frank did not follow any musical education and is completely self-taught when it comes to his musical knowledge and skills. Partly because of this and together with his long practical experience, he has developed a completely unique approach of teaching. At the beginning of the course, it is not necessary for students to learn about the notation and the basic theory of music. Naturally we will focus on the theory of things at a later moment during the course...

The lessons will fit younger people as well as adults, and if desired we can adapt our method to your specific wishes. 

Guitar Lessons IJburg / Amsterdam

To begin with our lessons you don't need to be familiar with music notation and basic music theory. Chord diagrams are being used to guide you through the lessons. As an extra, at ‘Guitar Lessons IJburg’ a professional studio is available to you and perhaps in the near future, what you have learned on the guitar can also be converted into a professional demo on youtube or an audio track on your own website!

In addition to the usual guitar lessons, you can also get extra lessons in recording music, arranging songs and making beats, etc. In the studio we work with ProTools, Cubase and Ableton Live software…

Of course you are always welcome for a free trial lesson. Go to the "Contact" page to make an appointment. Our studio is located central on Haveneiland at IJburg, Amsterdam.

Guitar Lessons IJburg / Amsterdam

gitaarles ijburg amsterdam

Here's an impression of the studio where the guitar lessons take place. In addition you can also get extra lessons in recording music, arranging songs, making beats, etc. In the studio we work with ProTools, Cubase and Ableton Live software.


Depending on the free slots that are available, lesson moments can be scheduled at the following times:

Tuesday: between 6:30 PM and 9:30 PM
Wednesday: between 6:30 PM and 9:30 PM
Thursday: between 6:30 PM and 9:30 PM
Friday: between 3:30 PM and 6:30 PM

All lessons last 35 minutes. A free trial lesson takes 25 minutes. Feel free to ontact us to make an appointment. If you start lessons with us you can choose for a weekly or biweekly arrangement..

Private lesson – 35 minutes – email for quote
phone: +31(0)6 24673937

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What age and skill level do you need to have to be able to follow our lessons? From the age of 9, everyone is welcome, young to old, from absolute beginners to the slightly more advanced students. Of course, perseverance and love for music are a must ...

What do you need? During the free trial lesson you can use one of our available practice guitars. If subsequently you decide to take lessons, it is advisable to purchase your own guitar.

At various music stores in Amsterdam you can buy a simple acoustic guitar for around 75 euros.

If you want to learn to play the electric guitar, we still advise you to first start acoustically in order to learn the basics of playing.

Then later if you are making rapid progress, we can decide to make a switch to the electric guitar ...

Guitar amplifiers and effect equipment are present. Special lesson arrangements are possible...

Guitar Lessons IJburg / Amsterdam

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Studio Location

Maria Austriastraat / IJburg / Amsterdam

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Maria Austriastraat
1087CJ, Amsterdam
The Netherlands


on appointment
18:30 – 21:30
Tuesday to Friday


mail voor een gratis proefles
phone: +31(0)6 24673937

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